UMBAJA ECONOMIC FORUM 2022 on Democracy, Economy and Sustainability (DES) will be held at cultural center Pavillon on September 23rd -25th, 2022 Hanover, Germany. 

The forum is opening the door to more practical directions on investigating the interaction between Democracy, Economy and Sustainability by inviting three former Sudanese ministers who led the Sudanese revolution against the dictator Omar Al Bashir and contributed to knocking him down. Two of them have been jailed and have been tortured by the dictator and later, the both they took offices in the transitional government that followed Al-Bashir removal from power, before they were again dismissed  after the army Executed a military coup in October 2021. 

Together with our guests from Sudan, we are also inviting guests from different German sectors including the political, NGOs, economic, unions, academic and journalism.   

UMBAJA e.V as one of supportive actors to the Sudanese revolution has a true interest in bringing all potential and interested stakeholders together to talk and discuss the relationship and interactions between Democracy, Economy and sustainability on a very important and crucial question: How can we together realize these discussions and theories into a practical, unique, remarkable and educative intervention example on the reality ground. 


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